10. Your wedding, your way! No pressure from friends or family to include this or that…elopement weddings are all about what you two want!

Queenstown Elopement Wedding Planning

9. It’s pretty friendly on the old wallet. Compared to a traditional wedding with who knows how many guests, elopement weddings are always going to come out more budget friendly!

Queenstown Elopement Wedding Package

8. More money for the honeymoon! As above, if you can save some money on your wedding plans, then why not splurge a little bit on the honeymoon! Make the excitement of getting married last longer than just a day…spend a week on holiday here in Queenstown or travel around NZ for even longer…or jet off to one of the incredibly tempting Pacific Islands after your wedding adventure! You’ll be spoilt for choice with a bit of extra coin in your pocket!

Queenstown Elopement Wedding Package

7. It’s personal…elopement weddings are notoriously intimate and personal. From your wedding vows to your wedding dinner, there’s no need to worry about anyone else other than your newlywed husband or wife!

Queenstown Wedding Packages

6. Make it an adventure. Weddings don’t need to be boring! Why not stand on top of a mountain and vow your eternal love to each other, or hike into a remote mountain lake, or just stand in the secluded natural surroundings that our backyard offers…no matter what you decide, you get to decide to make it yours!

Queenstown Same Sex Elopement Wedding Package

5. Photos, photos and more photos…with an elopement wedding you don’t need to worry about keeping your guests waiting or feeling bored while you are away getting those epic wedding photos you will be hanging on your wall for years to come. With an elopement wedding you can choose to have as long as you want with your photographer, without having to worry about anyone else on the day!

Queenstown Heli Wedding Elopement Package

4. Make it yours…from your wedding flowers to your wedding dinner, just the two of you will be able to decide what you want, how you want it and where you want it! You still get all the fun of wedding planning, but without the stress of having to worry about what anyone else thinks!

Queenstown Elopement Wedding Package

3. Splurge a little…as mentioned above, elopement weddings are often far more affordable than a bigger traditional wedding…but that doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on your wedding day. Having a smaller wedding may mean you get to add in a few extras that you would otherwise not be able to afford (did someone say wedding day helicopter?!) like additional photography time, a wedding videographer, luxury wedding accommodation and so much more!

Elopment Heli Wedding

2. It’s just the two of you…no need to worry about awkward moments or silly slip-ups…elopement weddings revolve around the bride and groom, and the only thing that really matters is the love you share!

Elopement Wedding Package

1. Did we mention it is JUST the two of you? I mean really, does it get any more romantic than that?

Queenstown Heli Elopement Wedding Package

If this sounds like the perfect plan for your upcoming wedding, then just hop over partner website Queenstown Wedding Packages to our check out our full range of Elopement Wedding Packages! We have been planning elopement weddings here in Queenstown for over 10 years, and would love to help your wedding dreams come true!

With big thanks to Rich Bayley, Carla Mitchell, Holly Wallace and Alpine Image Co for the beautiful photos.