Wedding Photographer

You know the saying…a picture speaks a thousand words.  Well we couldn't agree more and as professional wedding planners we say…if there is one thing you are going to splurge on for your wedding then a great photographer should be it!  Your wedding pictures will be some of your most treasured keepsakes for years to come and you want to get it right!

We are lucky enough to have several amazing wedding photographers here in Queenstown and around New Zealand to capture not just the spectacular scenery but also the magical moments that you will cherish forever.

Here are a few recommendations we have for picking a your ideal photographer:

  • Check out several different photographers in your area, you will find several have their own unique style and you want to make sure that meshes well with your wedding vision
  • Everything is negotiable, so if you don't see a package that perfectly suits what you are looking for then get in touch and see what they can offer
  • The best photographers book early (just like the best wedding planners!) so before you set your heart on one make sure you check availability for your preferred date…sometimes we even recommend booking the photographer before the venue!
  • Most expensive doesn't always mean the best…shop around and see what you find, you may get an incredible deal by using an up and coming photographer who is just starting out in the wedding world


Above all, remember to enjoy your day and incorporate as many personal touches into your wedding as possible…this will ensure no matter who your photographer the magic moments caught on film will be special and memorable to the both of you!

Until next time…Happy Planning!