Queenstown Wedding Planning

Want to know what one of our most frequently asked questions is? You guessed it…when is the best time of year to get married in Queenstown? Honestly, it IS a very good question! So here you go, our best advice to help you find the perfect season to plan your wedding day…

Summer – During our summer months (December-February), you can expect loooong days (sunsets past 9pm), lots of sunshine and warmer weather…so as expected, this is your traditionally popular wedding season!

Summer Queenstown Wedding Planning

Autumn – The autumn colours in our region have people travelling from around the world to experience this seasonal beauty that happens from March-May. If you want a bright and beautiful backdrop for your wedding day, well we’ll just let the photos speak for themselves…

Autumn wedding Queenstown

Winter – Another popular season here in Queenstown is our winter that runs June-August. We are talking…Snow! Snow! Snow! And you can expect lots of bluebird days, romantic candlelight, incredible winter lighting (that the photographers LOVE) and ski season!…seriously, what’s not to love!

Winter wedding in Queenstown New Zealand

Spring – The spring months here in Queenstown (September-November) are some of our personal faves. One word – Peonies (Google it if you don’t know!). Those beauties along with snowy mountaintops and spring blossoms…well it feels like Spring brings together the best of both worlds!

Spring wedding in Queenstown

So there you have it…it’s true – EVERY season is a good season here in Queenstown! Sorry if we didn’t make the choice any easier for you, but at least you can rest assured that winter, spring, summer or fall…you are going to have one incredibly stunning backdrop for your big day!

Where to from here? Why not come chat with us about where the best venues are, who the best suppliers are to work with and what type of wedding is going to best suit your budget! The list of questions can go on and on when you are planning a wedding…luckily, we’re here to help (and we’ve done this wedding thing a few hundred times now! 😊).

Simply Perfect Weddings New Zealand

The most popular place for our couples to get started is with our Kickstart Consultation as it gets you off to a head start with all the information you’ll ever need to plan your perfect wedding day here in Queenstown. This consultation allows us time to discuss your wedding ideas and budget in a bit more detail so that we can provide personalised advice to suit your style and budget. After our chat we will provide you with a full list of tailored recommendations for wedding venues and various vendors and suppliers here in Queenstown to make planning your wedding easier than ever!

Keep in mind there is no pressure after doing the consultation, you can head off and plan your wedding on your own using our advice as your roadmap…or you may like to bring us along to help! You can even credit the fees from the consultation towards any of our wedding planning or wedding package options, if you do decide you’d like some more help along the way!

Queenstown Wedding Seasons

With thanks to Rich Bayley, Carla Mitchell and Holly Wallace for the fantastic photos!